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Useful Links

British Heart Foundation

'Fighting for Every Heartbeat'

BHF - The British Heart Foundation

Their website has lots of advice and resources, including the following:

Heart Matters - their online magazine

Living with a heart condition

Insurance for heart conditions

Sixteen store cupboard staples - A well stocked cupboard is the first step towards being able to cook tasty and healthy meals.

Basingstoke and Alton Cardiac Rehabilitation Charity

'Taking fitness to heart'

Cardiac Rehab

A lot of information, particularly about local events.

Ultimate Guide to Alcohol-Induced Heart Damage

For an extended look at alcohol-induced heart damage, read the Ultimate Guide to Alcohol-Induced Heart Damage by Paul at Rehab Recovery.


Physical and mental health can both be affected by continuous lack of sleep.

Although talking about the link between addiction and sleep deprivation, this article has a lot of useful information about sleep related disorders and the measure that can be taken to overcome them,

Arrhythmia Alliance
Charity providing help and information for cardiac arrhythmia sufferers

Hampshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Heart UK
The Cholesterol Charity

Phase 4 Cardiac Rehabilitation
A directory of groups and facilities providing 'Phase 4' classes with BACPR trained instructors